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"Stay cool ... in a CASCADE Pool"


POOL COSTSClick the picture above to find out which Cascade pool will fit your budget! A home swimming pool is a major investment. You need to choose a company that's been building pools for decades to be sure you are not buying future problems!

Click on the picture above to request a free site meeting and consultation with one of our fully trained pool Experts. He or she will discuss the best choice of pool for your family, and leave you with a full understanding and comprehensive written quotation for your pool.  Do it now!

Click the picture to find out there's a better way to care for a home pool! Forget pool Salt or Magnesium Chlorides and other chemicals - go Natural - go for Activated Oxygen, nature's way of killing nasty germs and pathogens in pool water: and there's never be that awful "chlorine smell"!

We are a family business that have been building beautiful home swimming pools for more than 45 years. You can't beat a low-chemical, free solar heated, inground pool by the CASCADE Team!

We have built more than 8,400 pools in New Zealand and the Pacific Islands, Cascade has more than 44 years of pool building history and the longest guarantees in the business!  

Yes ... we "Build you a pool" - not just "Re-sell an offshore product" made in China or Australia - and we have thousands of very happy customers!

Many pools we build are for second or even third generation family members who grew up swimming in their Mum & Dad's Cascade pool!

A Cascade swimming pool with a robust satin-smooth Aqualux interior and a 50 year structural guarantee beats them all!

Choose one of our Cascade ULTIMATE swimming pool designs for the most environmentally aware, lowest maintenance inground home swimming pool.

Older pool Systems need expensive Sea Salt, Liquid Chlorine, Hydrochloric Acid, Cyanuric Acid - and chemicals like HTH Cal Hypo (Calcium Hyhochlorite) to shock dose your home swimming pool on a regular basis.

These are rarely needed with your Cascade Aquagenie/OZONE equipped, child-friendly swimming pool - and your kids will never "smell like chlorine" or have "Green Hair" from Chloromines in the pool water! 


For a happy, safe and clean swimming pool, call 0800 227 223 (0800 CASCADE) for your FREE copy of our valuable reference guide "The New Zealand Pool Buyer's Guide"  and a colour booklet of pool photos by return.






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