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Concrete pools
ULTIMATE Aqualux Interior pools

Actually, we can make you a pool
any size or shape you like!

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Nevertheless, people like to have some idea of shape or size to look at so that they can get an idea of what typical pools look like! Here are some of our STANDARD size pools: use them as a guide for shape, but remember - we will make you ANY SIZE or SHAPE pool!
Of course, you can "dare to be different" and design a shape just for yourself!
Click on the red arrow to see some "special" designs!
We are happy to assist you with design tips and suggestions.

Look below for some dimensions of our most popular pools.

This is NOT a complete list, and we can custom build any shape or size for you!

If you see this arrow, click on the arrow or pool at left for actual pictures of customer's pools!

Very small town-house pool, the Nova is approximately twice the length of a spa pool. Suitable for swimjets, this can double as a training pool. Did you know that in Spanish, Nova means "No Go" which is why the Chevvy Nova bombed in Mexico! (Sorry about the trivia!)
Another small pool suitable for town-house or apartment where space is very limited. Like the Nova, this pool is suited to the fitting of swim-jets so that swim-training can be undertaken
Another small pool suitable when space is limited. Like the Nova, this pool is suited to the fitting of swim-jets so that swim-training can be undertaken. This 10 x 20 foot pool is ideal for cooling off on hot summer nights.
The famous Saturn pool! this pool has been a huge seller for more than 30 years, and is suitable for small-family homes where space is limited. A full 12 x 24 feet, this is great "first pool" for the new family.
The Jupiter is our (And the world's) all time best selling pool size! this 14 x 28 foot pool has ample space to supply hours of fun for the active family with school-age and teenage children enjoying the space and 1920mm depth

12 x 24 feet (3.6 x 7.2)

The "Zodiac" range of pools are based on their counterpart models in the Classic range, the Saturn, Jupiter and Mercury pools - but with a difference! The tapered sides give a new meaning to straight-sided poosl where asthetics are important.

14 x 28 (4.2 x 8.4)

16 x 32 (4.8 x 9.6)

The Mercury pool is the start of our family of bigger pool sizes for homes that have more than average space for a swimming pool. This full-size 16 x 32 foot pool is ideal for "swimmers" and will allow endless fun and training or the dedicated swimmer.
This pool is available in "Diving" depth.
Getting in to the realm of the Country Home, the Polaris is generally too big for suburban homes. This full size 18 x 36 foor pool suits the larger scale home, and provides space for guests and family to enjoy summer fun.
Once again, this is a large scale pool! Suited to country mansions and luxury estates, this pool allows full scale swimming at a surprisingly low cost when compared to other pool types A swimmer's pool, everything about the Gemini is full scale - suprassed only by our 7 x 14 meter (24 x 48 foot) Apollo! (not shown). Larger sizes are available on request
The US public invented these "Dog Leg" shape pools, and they remain a very popular option for split level and dogleg shape homes.
Based on the popular "Jupiter" model.
Another variation on a theme. This pool is based on the family sized "Saturn" pool and has been very popular over the years.
Want a pool with a large 12 x 12 play area, as well as a 12 x 24 "swimmer's" section? This Concorde model pool supplies both needs, and is very popular with falilies that have lots of kids - their own, or the neighbours. Also available in 28 x 28 and 32 x 32 formats

Like a "Kidney Shape Pool"? Here is our range of small to large kidney-shape swimming pools.

The Calypso 10 x 20 foot is ideal for a small townhouse with limited room for a pool

The Riviera at 12 x 23 feet is suitable for larger garden sites, and is available as a "hopper" (shown left) or the standard sloping floor 1.0 to 1.65m depth
The Cosmo model is slightly larger than the Riviera, being 13 x 25 feet, and once again can be a hopper floor or sloping floor depending on your requirements.
Small family with kids? The Rio is our all-time best selling kidney shape for parents of young children. A huge shallow end for the little ones, the Rio is the perfect "first pool" for young families. At 4.45 x 7.65 meters (16 x 26 feet) this pool is a great addition to any garden.
The Austwick design was based on a stretched Rio - for a family who liked a kidney shape that was "10 meters" long but not too wide. This special design was so popular we decided to add it to our standard range of pools!
The Capri model was the first Cascade pool design by Bob West (a Cascade founder) in 1951 and this pool has won more than 16 Gold Medal awards for design. A classic shape - the "Kidney Swimming Pool" was the ideal pool shape. Still a classic pool enjoyed by many of our customers!
Sensing a need for larger pools in New Zealand than the UK where I spent 5 years building pools in the 1960's I designed this 16 x 32 foot pool in 1986 and it became an instant success story with more than 80 installed in the past 15 years. A large scale kidney pool, the Valencia combines asthetics with a practical swimming-sized pool!
The first of our three "oval" pools, the 15 x 26 foot Granada is a cute little pool for those with small garden area.
The Hawaii is similar to the kidney shape Capri - but without the dogleg - making an attractive "egg shape" oval pool.
The "biggie" of oval pools, the Martinique 20 x 40 foot pool is ideal for larger families with ample space for usch a big pool.
Also known as the "Bigfoot" this 16 x 32 foot Jandal shaped pool combines a decent swimming length with an attractive double-kidney shape.
Designed for a customer who wanted a heart-shaped pool to suprise his new wife in their new home, this design - sadly - has never been a big seller here, despite the huge play and swimming area. I guess New Zealanders are just not "lovers" in the way the europeans are! This 33 x 30 foot pool provides enough water area (800 sq. feet!) to contain a rugby team!

That, folks, is our standard line-up of pool shapes and sizes.
If you didn't see a shape that appealed to you, we will make a pool
shape and size especially for you!

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